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Our other areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

Suspension work such as lift kits, lowering kits, level kits, and OEM replacements; Truck and Jeep accessories like retractable steps, offroad lighting, and upgraded bumpers and fenders; and UTV upgrades like marine audio, lift kits and control arm upgrades, and offroad lighting.

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Lifts / Lowers / Levels

Whether you want your vehicle to be taller, shorter, or just a little more evened out to clear bigger tires, we are your one stop shop for all things suspension.

We are Any Level Lift certified.

*Note: If you ask to “carolina squat” your truck, you will be politely, yet firmly asked to leave.

BB4Wheels Automotive
BB4Wheels Automotive


Fenders, light bars, upgraded suspension, and more!

BB4Wheels Automotive
BB4Wheels Automotive


Lifts, wheels and tires, audio, and lighting

BB4Wheels Automotive
BB4Wheels Automotive
BB4Wheels Automotive


Please fill out the form to give us details about your vehicle and what kind of work you want done. We will respond as soon as we get out of the garage.

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